Click on the circle that corresponds and lets find out what you need to awaken your confidence to take you where you want to go IN YOUR BUSINESS, YOUR ORGANISATION, YOUR RELATIONSHIPS, WITH YOUR CHILDREN OR THROUGH YOUR DAILY ACTIVITIES

Book a one off Road to Joy clarification session or let's develop a made to measure program to create a clear vision to see what you need, what your really want, where you want to be, what might be holding you back and how to transform it.

Take the leap to creating more energy, love and joy everyday the results are more impact, more confidence in your abilities, yourself, your decisions, IT MAKES ACHIEVING YOUR DESIRES EASIER AND CLEARER RESULTING IN MORE TIME, FUN, LOVE AND MONEY.

Your Relationships

Need help in your relationships? Want to find your life partner? Create more harmonious communication in your couple? Learn how to affirm yourself and your needs.  Perhaps you feel alone and want to find a new network of friends in line with who you are..... Lets uncover any hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success in your relationships or create a clear vision to attract what you want or enjoy what you have.

Your Business/Work/Projects

Do business as you see fit

Do you want to jump out of bed in the morning and feel like you are making a difference in the world?  Transform your business from work to a dream & do business your way? Learn how to make intuitive decisions and the confidence to follow your heart to enjoy what you do!!

We redefine a crystal clear direction for your business project or vision and your own model for success.  Boost your reveune, sales or your value.  Get over procrastination. Create life and work balance.  You feel better, become clearer in your direction, find more satisfaction, and impact your clients and the world. Live life with authenticity and purpose.

Joyful Child, Happy Parents

Are you finding it difficult to cope, find time for yourself and you are warn out which effects your child? Perhaps your child is having difficulties they are agitated and lack concentration . Maybe you have an adolescent who is not sure what direction to take and lost their confidence.


Learn effective tools to create a happy and successful family environment. ~Communicate better, create structure, understand your child’s emotions and learn ideas for better interaction through the ups and downs. Adapted for each age range and the evolution in the family.  Both educational and fun 0-6 years, 7-11 years 12-14 years 15 - 25

Training -Become a Coach or Joy Facilitator

Want to earn money working for yourself?  Would you like to work directly with people or Children? Did you know that you can earn your living by retraining to accompany both through moments of transformation? Or perhaps you need some new techniques as a therapist? Learn to develop your intuition? Do you already work with children and want some tools as a teacher for a joyful class or to set up your own business working with children and parents?  Learn how to gain more clarity for decision making

You receive professionnel training to work independently as a Joy Facilitator or Intuitive Coach or develop more skills to make more affirmed choices within your business.  This is for anyone wanting to gain a certification to become a coach or Joy Facilitator and work with individuals, schools or businesses.

The training is a synthesis of science, management, neuroscience, communication, personnel development, creativity and intuition and links body mind and soul for a longer laster transformation.

Coaching de l’Excellence® 

Price: €1300

Time out Relaxation and Fun

Do you want to learn how to let go and go with the flow of life?  Do you need some relaxation time or fun activities.  Lets put a program together of time out and activities for the body mind and soul.  You will feel inspired, motivated, healthy and fit.  We take the time to work on your emotions and emotional intelligence and take time for meditation and mindfulness.  It helps to let go of those constant thoughts and you learn techniques to deal with the inner critic so you regain your vitality and reconnect to your joy of life without feeling guilty.

Inspired living programs start from €300 for 2 days to one week in Southwest of France, an inspiring place by the sea to find change.

Joyful Me

Joyful me means bringing balance to all areas of your life, to understand what experience of life you want to have.  The results you want to get. Perhaps there is one area of life that you are finding it hard to be heard? or feel isolated, not knowing how to fulfill your needs or be considered? Maybe in your business in your job, with your children or in your relationships.  I support you to support yourself to clearly learn how to communicate, express and affirm your desires with confidence, to find out how to get what you want without feeling guilty or selfish.  If you are not happy with the results in your life, lets relook at your beliefs to change your mind, feelings and actions.....