Courageous, energetic, dynamic and full of love. Specialist in joyful relationships, communication and living a more satisfied life


"When we are centered in joy, we attain our wisdom " - Marianne Williamson


Based in France in the region of Aquitaine, Landes, Biarritz, Bayonne, Hossegor and available in UK, Bournemouth, Poole, Brighton, London or via Skype Elsa.Tarantino

You may be wondering why I think that you should take joy seriously and why it should be the only 'should' that you should have in your life??? Because I don't want you to give up, despair and neglect what you want!!  Joy becomes a compass to guide you to bring back hope and bring more love, to see where you are off balance, because if you follow your joy you hear yourself, understand yourself and what is right for you and life begins to flow with ease again. 
Self-confidence is all about: understanding who we are, our emotions, trusting we are capable of making the right decisions, and being proud to follow our hearts without worrying about opinions of others.  
As a child we are full of energy, hope and life, we marvel at everything.  Later we let society, preconceived ideas or other people's opinions dictate who or what we should be or do, and lose sight of our true desires.  Most of those should's are other peoples.  What if you decided to follow your joy and forget what others say? How about you leave behind your self judgements, guilt and the barriers that stop you? There’s a way to reconnect to the light-heartedness, to your joy for life.  You can learn the tools to deal with them, and create solutions to meet your needs.  Be guided to finally be more of you, care about what brings you joy and give yourself permission to go for it!! Life becomes a game and you enjoy it, feel good, and create enriching shared experiences. You do what you really love and bring more hope, fun, purpose and impact in this world!
I see life as a journey with obstacles, and always ups and downs. We can either decide to look at these as negative and stop, give
up or wait until the circumstances get better (which they rarely do) or decide to see them as a lesson, readjust and keep going. Challenges can be seen as the next step in our evolution.  When I let Joy lead me, she becomes my boss, I feel good.  It helps me to overcome any crap, I realign with life and I become more attractive, and attract what I want!!!
Let me show you how to do the same and no longer be limited by your past, your thoughts, guilt or social conditioning so you can be inspired to possibility and bring more energy to life.  Be who you came here to be without the judgements and self- criticism. 


Trust me, life wasn't always this joyful for me. I grew up, as many people in society do, believing that I had to struggle or fight for what I wanted and work hard to earn money.  When I started secondary school I remember the teacher saying to me "I hope that you are going to be like your sister", who was a serious and brilliant student. At that moment I felt compared, rejected, undervalued and misjudged. I think I spent a long time believing I couldn't be me, and trying to be someone that everyone else wanted me to be, neglecting my feelings and emotions, being ashamed to have needs and desires. I had to conform to their ideal.  I felt guilty for choosing me, both in my personal and professional life. I took things that came to me, rather than expressing the joyous person I was, and following what made me feel good ........READ MORE
Life and Confidence Coach


Ersilia is a consultant, facilitator and writer for joyful and inspired living. She supports people in their relationships, business and
daily life to discover what brings them joy. With Ersilia’s support, people regain the confidence and mindset to go for what they
really want – making feeling good a path to success. She has brought all her tools together to develop a method to retrain your
brain for more positive attitudes, and to bring more fun and light-heartedness back to life. These tools originate from a background
as a tour guide and a business owner, to a trained intuitive coach and professional coach of excellence (Lunion school of Coaching
and Intuition). Growing up in the UK with an Italian father, Ersilia knows what “la dolce vita” is all about. Having spent many years
working in France she knows what losing your way is all about too... Today, Ersilia brings a dynamic new way of looking at life as a
game, and understanding how to win it on your terms with your rules!!!

A part of the Joy Concept is Ersilia’s expertise as a trainer for the 3C method. This is a body-mind method – Concentration, Calm, Control – that offers everyday techniques to deal with your emotions, create more focus, and keep your calm.
The Joy concept works for both adults and children, and includes various techniques created from life experience, the philosophy of Joy and scientific research.  

Life is just one big school, teaching us how to be in all our states. And when you are in your natural state of Joy, you become a cocreator in the game of life.


It’s all about discovering who you are. Invest in yourself because you’re worth it. (L’Oreal got that right) Do you finally dare to live the life you desire and let joy lead you?