What do I do?

As a intuitive personal development Facilitator I support people to create more calm and evolve with confidence to follow their Joy.  Fulfiling their needs and desires from the Inside out.  Evolving, clarifying and transforming your thoughts, ideas and emotions into actions and opportunities…..Most people don’t realise how simple it is to turn a dream into reality:

1. A dream written down and dated becomes a plan  2. A plan broken down into steps becomes a process. 3. A process broken down into actions makes achieving it real

How do I do that?

With The Joy Concept.   Developed from a mix of brain science, philosophy, life’s principles, experience, and emotional and intuitive intelligence.   I support you to find your own ressources and own inspired solutions to take small but effective steps in the right direction, and the ability to stay focused on you and your dreams, even through the bumps.


What's the Concept?

whole bunch of practical tools to support you to get through life and enjoy it.  A formula based on universal laws and the principles and research of how sports champion become champions.  How does a sports champion become a champion?  It’s not about talent alone, it’s their thoughts and beliefs in themselves that makes a difference, with effort and consistency. The concept supports you to create a winning mental attitude that allows you to interpret and respond to situations with clarity, calm, and emotional balance.  It helps you to increase your confidence to gain more benefits and the courage to take your dreams and make them reality.  

It creates 70% more satisfaction and 27% More productivity


What are the benefits?

You learn to become clear on what inspires and drives you, you learn to use your intuition and turn things around.  You gain increased confidence to fulfill your desires.  Confidence comes from the courage to take action and not waiting until you have the confidence to do it.  By increasing your confidence only 20% you create 80% more benefits and results in all areas of your life:

  • Easier relationships, more respect, more love
  • More effective communication, expressing and understanding how to fulfill your needs, saying yes to what you want and no to what you don’t
  •  Feel better quicker and the consequences are you attract more opportunities 
  • Recognise your strengths and driving force, know how to deal with perceived failure and see it as growth, manage your emotions and use them as a stimulator rather then a demotivator.
  • Confidence to find inspired solutions and not stay stuck on the issues.
  • You learn how to deal with pressure, the capacity to stay focused, find your priorities, affirm your needs and be the best in all circumstances. 
  •  Increased well-being, self esteem, productivity,
  • Certainty in your choices, more effective decisions, conscious creation

 The biggest advantage is that you learn practical everyday techniques to become autonomous.  They are take away tools and guidelines to integrate and use anytime you need to keep going, even in the down moments.  This allows grounded constant change and growth.  The tools help you to develop both left and right brains, rational objectivity and intuition for creativity to find better solutions.  You stop focusing on the problems and start focusing on the solutions.  You find more inspiration and develop your intuition.

Learn the keys and tools for Joy and success and Act for your Well-Being…..

How does it work? and what techniques are used?

Through a series of consulting or coaching sessions I guide you with a mix of right questioning and easy exercises to raise your self awareness to learn how you function, understand your value & strengths and how to turn obstacles into opportunities.  by transforming your thoughts of what you can achieve to let go of self judgement, criticism and false ideas to believe in yourself and your desires.   It creates a CALM state to achieve a CLEAR mind and know how to transform your thoughts ideas and emotions into actions and opportunities that work for you and not against you.

From a calm state you understand what you need, on all levels, intellectually, physically, materially, emotionally or spiritually.  Balancing the mind (intellect), the body (physical) and spirit (heart/emotions).  The intellect is about understanding and gaining the knowledge about who you are, what you want, what’s important, how you function and what’s going on.  But knowledge alone is not enough, we need to use the heart centre (emotions) with focused thought and focused action to create a difference.  Emotion comes from motion using the emotions to stimulate the physical body into action. 

We calm the mind to develop focus and understand our emotions to then use them productively in action.  Gaining emotional stability, structure, security, and inner calm. 

This creates clarity to know how to react, deal with, accept or transform what’s not working and seeing what does.  As you gain clarity you move forward with CONFIDENCE communicating and attracting your desires.

Each step you take brings grounded long lasting transformation with increased ease, courage and commitment.


It includes tools developed from personal experience, plus Coaching tools, activities, mindfulness, relaxation, visualisation, business or motivational tools, various intuitive processes, creative exercises,  EFT and movement to allow you to develop more positive attitudes and reactions to all that life might throw at you.

Who is it for?
“Once you turn desire in the right direction, real transformation can take place” – Deeprak Chopra

For those who are not quite sure why they can’t achieve what they want, either in love, business, or their relationships, about to give up and don’t know what to do to turn it around. Or have what they want but stuck on how to get to the next level. For those in a transition period finding it hard to make a clear decision.  For those who wish to find the confidence to be heard in their needs and desires either at work,in their business, relationships or family.  

Ask yourself the following questions:

Do you find it a struggle to understand how to achieve what you really want?  In your business, relationships or family? find a life partner, more money, more love

Do You know what you don’t want and find it difficult to express that to others so say nothing?

Do you start something new and then think you made a mistake, or you were wrong and then judge or criticise yourself for it?

Do you feel undervalued in either your business, work or your relationships? wanting to earn more, do more or just feel better, 

Do you find it hard to communicate what you want in your relationships and so don’t and just isolate yourself and forget your needs?

Do you feel scared to depend on others or ask for support or help?

Are you highly sensitive, feel like you lack confidence and have nothing to offer?

Because instead of giving up I want you to know that there is hope and it might just be about making a slight adjustment, seeing things from another angle, doing it differently, realising it’s possible.  


How many sessions do I need? and over what time period?

It really depends on your level of Commitment and what you want to achieve.  I often get people who need to clarify a decision or a relationship issue and only need a one off clarification session of 2-3 hours.

 However if you are finding it hard to start a project or procrastinating or not able to achieve your objectives or deal with an emotion I would suggest that 4-6 sessions will help you to see things in a different  light and develop actions to motivate you.  I offer packages for this.

For real commitment to a project and achieving your objective I would suggest that 6-12 sessions will give you real clarity and jump start your confidence.  I also offer packages


If you find you need some real support for an issue and over a more intense period I would suggest once a week.

For those that need more time and integrate each step I would suggest every 2 weeks so that you can come back and talk about what you have been able to or not able to do.

For those who have already started there path to joy i would suggest once a month 

What are my Qualifications?

I am a specialist trained intuitive and professional certified coach of Excellence Level I to Level IV, as well as a certified trainer for Coaches from (Lunion Formation), working with both adults and children for their personal development and evolution.  This includes Coaching Life’s mission, Intuitive practices and creative approaches.  I also have competences in non violent communication, NLP, mentoring young adults, and a trained facilitator in a method called the 3C – Concentration- Calm – Control, a body mind method based on positive life attitudes adapted for children. (www.methode3C.com) This method provides exercises that help to develop your concentration and calm and strategies to understand your emotions, your reactions and your thoughts to manage them and become more implicated to express them.

As a tour guide I have learnt organisational processes and the art of leading groups.   As a previous business owner I have taken my experience to develop strategies that help people balance life and work and develop their businesses to include joy and what they love.

Feel free to phone, email or meet me to discuss and understand what it is you require. I believe that sometimes we have to lose ourselves to find ourselves, our step ladder to reaching our full potential. To get to the top we have to start by taking the first step.

I look forward to meeting you.


It’s not about your background, your qualifications, the right family upbringing It’s about believing it’s possible? It’s about learning how. You can make it happen with attention, effort and action. EVOLVE / CLARIFY / TRANSFORM Self-Development – Self Esteem – self confidence and motivation​