Trust me, life wasn’t always this joyful for me. When I started secondary school I remember the teacher saying to me “I hope that you are going to be like your sister”, who was a serious and brilliant student. At that moment I felt compared, rejected, undervalued and misjudged. I think I spent a long time believing I couldn’t be me, and trying to be someone that everyone else wanted me to be, forgetting about my feelings, emotions, needs and desires. I had to conform to their ideal.  I felt guilty for choosing me, both in my personal and professional life. I took things that came to me, tried to please, rather than expressing the joyous person I was, and following what made me feel good.

I followed in my father’s footsteps and worked as a Tour Guide, travelled the world and did plenty of seasons.  But I stopped. I told myself I had to be serious and be like everyone else, settle into a career and work hard.  Thinking it’s not possible to make money and enjoy yourself!! That’s what I thought life was about.  However, I soon came to the realisation that I had become too serious about life, about me and about lots of things.  So I moved to France.  I tried my hand at a business that had been my dream, to set up a cafe and juice bar by the sea.  I was going to be successful and show everyone, prove I could be!! It worked well for a while but I forgot why I started, what and who was important. I forgot to spend time with friends, my partner and enjoy life.  It got hard and I gave up at the first hurdle. I lost it all, the money too, and I began looking at the negative, criticising myself,  letting my environment get the better of me.  I was vulnerable, and as often happens when you move to another country, I lost my confidence.  I felt I failed and began looking at the bad side of life instead of the bright side, focusing on what I didn’t have, what was wrong, who may have made it that way and waiting for someone else to take me out of my misery (my prince charming for example!!).  It’s not possible though, only we can do that.

My breakthrough came when I decided to get support, to retrain my brain, to learn from my failures.  I retrained and
became a Coach for both adults and children. I decided to change my model of success. To live life my way, with my own model,and not that of everyone else. To define success as I see it, and not as society defines it.  I decided to get to know myself, my feelings, my emotions, my desires and needs and how to express them – in order to fulfill them and put things into action. The path to self- discovery, my own spiritual journey led me instead to becoming serious about joy.  I began researching enjoyment vs struggle and pain as well as the philosophy of joy.   I decided that the actions I had been creating up to then were unconscious and habits picked up in childhood, from my environment and other people and which, did not necessarily correspond to who I was.  I finally let go of what others thought, and guilt.  I gave myself permission to go for what I wanted instead of dreaming about it, to be the joyous person I had always been. I re-found my spark, my joy for life, my confidence, and began to gain a feeling of success. I understood happiness is not outside, it doesn’t come from others, it’s deep within.  I stopped comparing myself and saw it’s not about being better than others, but being the best of me. I realised that it is ok to follow my heart, and feel good, even when others weren’t (or couldn’t be) happy. I now trust myself, and my intuition, the universe, rather than listening to what others say or want. I have trained to guide others do the same.  I used to guide people to see and discover the beauty of this outer world, and now so happy to be guiding them on a different journey, to discover the beauty of their inner world, themselves.

Allow me to support and teach you how to regain your confidence.  I can guide you let go of self criticism, express your needs, find your direction and focus on what brings you joy.  You’ll learn to make conscious choices, stop doubting yourself and instead learn how to listen to your intuition to create your own model for success.  I also work with schools and businesses to create a global vision for success and a model that is adapted for their needs.