Joy & Me – Inspired Living Program 2 days all inclusive


Sometimes in the chaos of life and all those around us, we don’t take the time to hear what we want, life gets busy and we get carried away.  These breaks allow you to take a pause, reflect and get really clear on your true desires, without opinions of others, chatter and ideas.

Combine a relaxing and sumptuous holiday environment with a motivating self-development program just for you with imaginative cultural activities. This experience aims to delight and inspire you.  All inclusive

This program can help if you…

  • …you have had enough of corporate and not sure what’s next
  • …want to learn how to take time out for yourself and recharge in a fun and inspiring way
  • …have lost sight of your desires, or are having trouble achieving your dreams
  • …are looking to put the spark back in your life, move away from the mundane & affirm yourself

Joy and Me can help you to break unwanted habits, gain self awareness and refind your energy, vitality and spontaneity for life, to move forward with purpose  – regaining that light heartedness!


This is a one to one exclusive made to measure coaching program using tailored activities chosen together to suit you, your needs and for complete immersion in your personal development.  A wonderful and unique opportunity that’s positively life-changing!

Take this time to get really clear, reflect and reconnect with your intuition and listen to your heart.  The activities offer a discovery and observation platform to redefine your dreams and desires as well as a way to relax and enjoy your time.

Offering an emotional boost, this program will support you with innovative new ways to find more energy, physical, mental and emotional well-being.  It also equips you with everyday tools to maintain focus on your goals.


Stay in recommended accommodation, situated in South West France just 10minutes from the beach.

How long?

From 2 days and up to 2 weeks, with ongoing support if required.  You Choose what is best for you.

You deserve to take time out to nourish your soul in harmony with nature and watch yourself flourish, find clarity, become aware of what’s important, and what brings you joy.

Immerse yourself in this soft way, see the region and feel inspired.  Go home conscious of your strengths, talents and capacities, how to affirm yourself and the actions, solutions and tools to a new life.

Discover new places, new experiences, new people but most of all rediscover yourself, your joy and your purpose.

What does the program Include?

Includes comfortable accommodation, food, transfer, life-enhancing discussions, motivational or zen activities in line with your objective, all in the setting of the beautiful Landes by the sea.  A great place to come away and ressource yourself and reconnect to you and your desires.  You will be made to feel at home with this personalised retreat.

Activities may include a cultural electric bike tour, energy massage, nutrition cooking classes or advice, visit inspiring business individuals, sunset sail, sports activities, walks on the beach, equi-coaching, meditation, relaxation or mindfulness classes such as mindful wine.

Contact me so together we can define your program in a free 45- minute clarification session

What do I gain?

A myriad of techniques & ways to live mindfully and consciously everyday….and not just on holiday. It allows you to get really honest and redefine what’s important, gaining more motivation, well-being and confidence to move forward. It encourages you to undertake and succeed in the idea that you have many more abilities then you imagined possible to achieve your projects or life goals.  This then allows you find your courage to overcome any difficulties you perceive might be holding you back.

It teaches you how to listen to your intuition, let go of the self critic and develop more positive emotions to gain the confidence to follow your heart’s desires.

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Tel: +33 6 50 01 72 95