Here's how I can help...

For you, your family, your relationships or your business. Choose from a one off intensive clarification session, packages or spend 1-2 days with me for those ready to commit to transformation

An original concept to bring more joy and fun for a day out friends, family, business, groups or meetings. Facilitating your communication and growth through culture and fun, relaxation & time out....

Become a professionally certified Intuitive Coach, train to work with Children or update your skills if you are therapist, Coach, or working in an industry that serves

The Joy of Learning for Teachers and Children or Joy in Business.... 12 steps for Leadership, emotional Intelligence and more effective communication

We listen to your needs

  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Material
  • Spiritual


We question your thoughts

  • changing your mind
  • your ideas
  • your emotions
  • your results

We redesign your life

  • adding more fun
  • creating more purpose
  • finding more love

We refine your actions

  • To Cultivate Joy 
  • to get what you want
  • to creating successful outcomes

topics I can help you with

Love and Emotions

Creating and Communicating

Calm & Confidence

Abundance and Prosperity

Which one is your priority?


This can help if you have a major decision to make or keep coming up against the same recurring situations in your personal life.  Perhaps you are in a transition period and not sure whats next....moved to a new country and lost your confidence.... want to get out of the rat race but not sure how... maybe you have had ideas of want you wanted to do for a long time but keep thinking about it and never do anything to change your situation.  The accompaniment will help you to turn that around and decide what you really want, to regain the confidence to move forward.  



Are you still wondering why you're single even though you feel good and understand your value.  Do you keep meeting the same type of men or women ashamed to have needs and wants and give too much.  Do you feel undervalued in your current relationship.  These sessions will help you to re-look at what you want and need from a relationship and understand how to obtain that or to create more joy or effective communication in your current relationship.  



This can be to help your children understand their emotions, create more calm and concentration, control their reactions.  Perhaps you are foreign and want to allow your child to learn english from an early age.  Through fun and games and spending time to understand your children and their environment we can create more effective structure and communication.  I work with you and your child to create more conscious parenting and understand each others needs to create more harmony in the family and allow your child to grow into a successful and autonomous individual.  



Is something not working in your business.  Are you about to give up because you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel or financially its not happening.  Are you an entrepreneur who doesn't seem to be able to show their potential or procrastinate before doing things.  Maybe you just need new ideas or solutions for creating  new products or extending your network.  As an entrepreneur your state of mind and emotions effects how your business runs.  This can help to feel more calm and confident and create a winning state of mind and business.

How many sessions do I need?

I often get asked how much coaching do I need, my answer is, it depends how committed you are and what you want to achieve..... one intense session can be all you need to get you off and running or over a longer period, every 2 weeks or 2 months to accomplish more integrated life goals... Skype me and we can discuss is an idea:  


3hrs, 1 day or 2 day weekend instensive

If you are already committed to change you may just need a one off total boost to reignite that energy and spark and create an action plan. 3 hours may be all you need..... it has worked for others....   "meeting with you helped....stepping out alone feels very alien and daunting at times (after my break up) but I'm much more social and have made new friends....I'm currently planning a solo trip which is something I would have thought impossible in the past.  Even though we only had that one meeting I think it really helped to give me that push in the right direction"  Or perhaps with the chaos of life and all those around you, you need time to hear what you want and need.  Life gets busy and we get carried away.  These intensive one or two day breaks allow you to take a pause, reflect and get really clear on your true desires, without opinions of others, chatter and ideas.  Combine a relaxing and sumptuous moment in a delicious environment with a motivating self-development program designed just for you. This experience aims to delight and inspire you.  All inclusive This program can help if you…  
  • …you have had enough of corporate and not sure what's next
  • …want to learn how to take time out for yourself and recharge in a fun and inspiring way
  • …have lost sight of your desires, or are having trouble achieving your dreams
  • …are looking to put the spark back in your life, move away from the mundane & affirm yourself
Joy and Me teaches you how to break unwanted habits, gain self awareness and refind your energy, vitality and spontaneity for life, to move forward with purpose  – regaining that light heartedness!



  • 4 Steps - 5 sessions - gets you off and running  €400.00
  • 6 Steps - 7 sessions you will deepen your commitments to you and find your self expression to begin affirming your desires, create integrated confidence and begin to understand your life's purpose €600.00
  • 8 Steps - 9 sessions - gain more serenity and calm for a new you, letting go of old habits that no longer serve and finding more vitality and energy to put your plans into action to begin completing your life's purpose  €800.00
  • 12 Steps - 13 sessions -renewed clarity, courage and guidance to continue the journey that you yourself started.  €1200.00
Packages include bonuses, click for more details.....

Useful Ressources...

"joy is a love affair with life"

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with the 30 day Joy Challenge....get started now to more inner joy with a daily reflection...brings more clarity to let go of whats holding you now!!!