An Emotion?

Joy is not easy to define.  It is an emotion but much more than just an emotion, Joy is you in your natural state of being who you are, how you were born into this world, who you came here to be.  The joy of living  - fully present with the understanding of who you are.

You know the feeling when you walk out of the cinema and you know that the hero caught the baddy, that the girl got the guy and the prince saved the princess.  That wow happy joyous emotion that you get, and you feel great.  You walk out of the cinema lighthearted with a smile on your face and all is good, all is as it should be.  Well I want you to understand that same emotion, but cultivate it so that it lasts, so that is is not just at the end of the movie or the end of your life that you realise it but that it has been a process throughout your journey and by the end you will die laughing with no regrets, knowing that you got what you wanted and you are the hero of your own story.

Human behaviour is often motivated by emotion.    The emotions create a feeling, and a positive or negative state of mind which then generates a reaction or an action, positive or negative.  Spinoza tells us that "Joy is thus an increase of our power, linked to the realization of our desires and our efforts to persevere in existence" 

Happiness on the other hand is a feeling, a state of mind reliant on external circumstances, the great philosopher Spinoza tells us that this is a passive joy.  Passive because it's a joy based on external circumstances that do not last.

Joy when constant connects us to our natural state  of bliss and can be defined as the dance of the soul.   Joy is always there even though it may not be seen, it can however,  show up at any moment, like a butterfly that in the silence and stillness comes and lands on you.  It can be found in the playfulness of life and hidden in the smallest of pleasures, and present moments.

Joy as a positive emotion creates positive thoughts and reactions.  Studies and Science confirm that our brain in positive mode performs significantly better and works more successfully than in negative, neutral or stressed.  Your intelligence rises, creativity rises and energy levels rise, you become 27-31 % more productive and it helps create positive present moments.  We feel 70% more satisfied.  Dopamine (one of the chemicals that mediates pleasure in the brain and functions of learning) floods into the system which allows you to learn to adapt to the world in a different way.   Have you ever wondered why we learn things whilst we play??

Joy brings laughter and spontaneity. It is essential to bring play and joy into our social interactions it transforms our capacity to be more innovative in creative ways.  

In 1957 a study asked people how happy they are, 52% said very happy.  Today for the same question only 36% say they are happy (Robert Holden, Happiness project)  

Research shows us that only 10% of our life circumstances effect our happiness levels.  90% is choice.  





Joy is therefore a choice. Don't wait to be happy learn to actively cultivate joy. Joy becomes a barometer to know if you are making the right choices in alignment with your true desires, who you are, your state of being.  The meteo for the day and your intentions.  The joy of living, being, doing, loving, creating.  What stops us feeling Joy? The beliefs we created about life that limit us, the "shoulds", social conditioning, our false identity, fears, guilt, and emotions that block it.  Focusing on our problems and what we don't want instead of what we do, self judgement and self criticism. What are you telling yourself you should be doing?  Is it bringing you joy? No - well let joy lead you to living a more satisfied life, to grow and evolve. If we cultivate it, Joy becomes contagious, we communicate easier and share more, life becomes lighter and we attract the things, people and opportunities we want.  It creates the deep inner feeling of success.  Instead of passively sitting back and letting our environment create our state and suffering our emotions such as fear or sadness, we instead become the actor and actively create our attitude, which attracts what we want.  So instead of striving we thrive. We become identical with its power, its energy, its force of life, and the good it creates.  It leads to more heart connection and more inspired solutions.

Allow me to support you to cultivate your joy of living  - so that you live your full potential with both your strengths and weaknesses, loving and doing what you love - becoming clear about who you really are without all the shit on top.   Its your sole purpose to return to your natural state, to refind your joy and let it lead you to the life you always dreamed .  Then your mission is to find your own unique way and talents to share this joy and help others to find theirs.