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Why the Joy Concept?

Because what you want, who you are and how you feel matters.  Because Joy is the source of who you are and if you take that seriously it brings what you desire like a magnet, Joy is attractive and you attract what you want with ease! Making what you thought impossible possible and not to give up.  Joy becomes your purpose….  Did you tell yourself that one day you would fly……..well make that one day today!!

Most people don’t realise that it is possible to take a dream and make it reality.

Lifecoaching - Turn your dreams into reality1. A dream written down and dated becomes a plan  2. A plan broken down into steps becomes a process. 3. A process broken down into actions makes achieving your dreams possible.

Think about the sports champions, somewhere at sometime they dreamed of winning the gold medal….How does a sports champion become a champion?  People think that sports champions are born champions. It’s not about talent alone, it’s a step by step process they along with a coach or trainer have learnt to develop a mindset, a growth mindset, to succeed and winning is the bonus!!

What do I mean by a mindset?  It is a mental attitude that interprets how you will perceive; interpret and respond to situations.

Champions have natural predispositions but it is mostly the capacity to change their mind and develop the champion within and not rely on talent alone.  The difference between someone who is successful and someone who is not is the attitude and mindset they have when faced with difficulties or challenges, to not give up but get through them and carry on to overcome them.  Sometimes its just about making a small adjustment….

What does it offer?

The Joy Concept therefore helps you to overcome set-backs, understand your weaknesses and how to turn them into strengths, deal with failure and see it as growth, manage your emotions and use them as a stimulator rather then a demotivator.

You learn to deal with pressure, the capacity to stay focused, find your priorities, affirm your needs and be the best in all circumstances.  Being your best is not about proving you can win it’s about realising your own potential, to be better than yesterday, to be the best you and winning becomes the bonus.  Feeling better becomes a way to gain the courage and confidence to ask for what you need and say no to what you don’t.   Increased well-being, self esteem, productivity, better choices, more effective decisions and communication to gain results in all areas of your life.


How do we do that?

Through a series of sessions that enables you to stay focused on what you want, what matters and what brings you joy.  A step by step progression that offers practical exercises for emotional balance to achieve your desires and lasting results.  The Joy Concept follows a formula that offers a simple way to teach and guide you to develop the ability to create the right, thoughts, emotions and actions and make them work for you instead of working against you.  The method helps you to be more confident, effective and dynamic, daily. It is a way of feeling better, connecting with your joy, creativity and inspiration to accept and feel success either in your personal or professional life.

The tools provided can help you to identify and understand your choices, the means to find your own solutions and find actions that allow you to let go, whilst at the same time feel more in control of your life gaining more clarity and energy every day. In a fun and effective way this allows you a heightened sense of well-being, emotional balance and direction.

How does it work?

It works on balancing the mind (intellect), body (physical), and soul (heart).  All permanent transformation comes first from making a decision to improve something, then understanding your functioning and whats not working, then the actions to turn it around on these 3 levels to feel success.  The intellect is about understanding, learning, gaining the knowledge about who you are, how you function and what you want, but knowledge alone is not enough.  We need to use the emotions (the heart centre) with focused thought and focused action to create a difference.  Emotion comes from motion using the emotions to stimulate the physical body into action. We calm the mind to develop focus and understand our emotions to then use them productively in action.  Gaining emotional stability and inner calm you can understand what you need, and how to be heard by communicating this effectively.   Each step you take brings grounded long lasting transformation with increased confidence.

This method and formula can be used to succeed in your relationships, business, or for your family and your children to develop into successful individuals.

What are the techniques used?

It includes Coaching tools, activities, mindfulness, plus relaxation, visualisation, business or motivational tools, various exercises for understanding yourself  and your emotions (EFT) and movement to allow you to develop more positive attitudes and reactions to all that life might throw at you.

What are the advantages or benefits?

The biggest advantage is that you learn practical everyday techniques to become autonomous.  They are take away tools and guidelines to integrate and use anytime you need to keep going, even in the down moments.  This allows grounded constant change and growth.  The tools help you to develop both left and right brains, rational objectivity and intuition for creativity to find better solutions.  You stop focusing on the problems and start focusing on the solutions.  You find more inspiration and develop your intuition.

Who is it for?

For Women or men finding it hard to express themselves.  For children who have difficulty with self confidence, calm or expressing their emotions.  For those wishing to commit to personal or professional change.  For those wishing to find a relationship and wondering why they are still single.  For those in business who want to cultivate more Joy or increase their income.  Ask yourself the following questions?

Do you find it a struggle to understand what you want?  What you like, what matters to you?

Do you find it hard to understand your capabilities, your strengths or your weaknesses?

or you do know what they are but find it difficult to show or to express your potential and feel valued?

Do you feel ashamed of having needs, making mistakes, or having feelings?

Do you get tongue tied when your’re upset, have limited vocabulary about emotions and not sure how to communicate that?

Do you feel scared to depend on others or ask for support or help?

Do you feel different or alone?  or are you highly sensitive?

The concept can be adapted to those who are starting a project, small business owners and budding entrepreneurs or for larger businesses for their staff.  Using Emotional Intelligence to increase your business sense.  It is also for those seeking better relationships and communication or those wishing to attract a life partner. The concept has also be developed for Coaching families and in schools to create more authenticity, harmony and be heard.  In the diversity of life it supports you to find the ability to keep focused on you and your desires and take simple steps to lasting change.

“Once you turn desire in the right direction, real transformation can take place” – Deeprak Chopra

What are the Steps?

With a simple method that offers a way to look objectively at your life, the Joy Concept allows you to find the strategies and ressources within that are applicable to your own success.  We sit down and work out your priorities, what you want to achieve, your desires and why, what is Important for you in your life right now and your needs.

I believe these are the essential steps:

  • Calm – to understand yourself, your thoughts and your ideas
  • Clarity of vision – what do you want? Why do you want it?what matters?
  • Confidence – to define your own model of success – to do it your way and get rid of how you think you “should” be doing it or others opinions
  • Courage – to look at your beliefs, your emotions and who or what you think is holding you back
  • Consistency –  in your actions for a more positive mental attitude to deal with the inner critic and the voice telling you it’s not possible
  • Commitment – to you and your desires, developing self love, determination, focus and direction
  • Consciousness – In what your choosing to regain the confidence in your capacities and self worth, finding your values and driving force
  • Communication – Heartfelt communication – How to express your needs and desires to put things in motion
  • Cocreation  – with the universe to find inspired solutions to turn any perceived weaknesses, mistakes or limits into strengths and value
  • Capacity  – To fill up your cup and accept to give yourself permission to succeed.  Letting go of old patterns
  • Continuity – Adding ways to stop taking yourself and life so seriously and have fun along the way
  • Completeness – Stepping up the game and creating more impact, abundance and prosperity to be seen

 Each step brings calm, clarity, confidence, courage, consistency, commitment and creativity

What do you get ?

Jump out of bed full of energy  with new strategies, tools and simple steps for everyday.  Less Stress, more energy, more creativity, better performance, more joy, increased income.  Money follows joy and not as we often believe the other way round.

You understand what inspires and drives you, you turn things around.

  • You create more calm – I am present to myself and I know why I do what I do 
  • You gain more clarity  – I know what I want and I have the confidence to achieve it
  • You reboost your confidence  – I am confident and full of energy to start my day
  • You find inspiration and solutions easier  – I achieve my goals and succeed with ease
  • You affirm yourself and your choices – I understand my emotions and feel more balance and control
  • You communicate your needs to feel happier and more at peace  –  I am communicating and affirming my needs
  • You learn how to overcome fallbacks and procrastination  – my thoughts are in line with that which I desire
  • You refind your motivation and joy for life  – I believe in myself and each day I am living my joy

What are my qualifications:

I am a specialist trained intuitive and professional certified coach of Excellence (Lunion Formation) with adults and children for their personal development and evolution.  This includes Coaching Life’s mission, understanding intuitive practices and creative approaches.  I also have competences in non violent communication and a trained facilitator in a method called the 3C – Concentration- Calm – Control, a body mind method based on positive life attitudes. (www.methode3C.com) This method provides exercises that help to develop your concentration and calm and strategies to understand your emotions, your reactions and your thoughts to manage them and become more implicated or express them.

As a tour guide I have learnt organisational processes and the art of leading groups.   As a previous business owner I taken my experience to develop strategies that help people balance life and work and develop their businesses to include joy and what they love.

Feel free to phone, email or meet me to discuss and understand what it is you require. I believe that sometimes we have to lose ourselves to find ourselves, our step ladder to reaching our full potential. To get to the top we have to start by taking the first step.

I look forward to meeting you.

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 Self-Development – Self Esteem – self confidence and motivation


It’s not about your background, your qualifications, the right family upbringing

It’s about believing it’s possible?  It’s about learning how.

You can make it happen with attention, effort and action.

Being you on the journey to joy
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