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An Internationally Certified Excellence & Intuitive Life Coach, facilitator and writer for Take Joy Seriously. Dynamic, sensitive and intuitive I am an ideas person that loves people and innovation dedicated to supporting you on your journey through the ups and downs of life to create confident conscious relationships with yourself, your business, your family & money!!!.

I support you to discover what brings you joy and regain the confidence and mindset to go for what you really want creating inspired living. From a background as a tour guide, trained intuitive coach and previous business owner I have bought all my tools together to develop a method to retrain your brain for more positive attitudes and bring more fun and light-heartedness back to life. Making feeling good a path to success. Growing up in the uk with an italian father I sure know what “la dolce vita” is all about. Having spent many years working in France I bring a dynamic new approach to life, how to win it on your terms with your rules!!! I am also the founder of Inspiring Breaks, wellness weekends to take time out to retreat & learn, reboosting and remotivating you back to joy & wellbeing.

"In the midst of difficulty lies Opportunity" -

Albert Einstein

What I stand for

I believe that in life and even business and relationships the missing link to success is emotional awareness, and more of you, the key to a successful life, relationship, project or business, understanding ourselves so we can get further and do better. Understanding our inner desires, what we want and who we are that gives purpose and why we do what we do. There are a lot of rational and logical ideas to help us, but not many solutions to understand how we feel, that effects our results, learn how we function to boost our motivation or deal with stress. I want to shake up your ideas about how to create a life, business project or relationship that inspires you and others, create new perspectives for success and do it with more fun and joy. I want you to see things through another angle of vision


"The first thing to getting what you want is decide what you want" -

I often found that when I went away I explored the world but also myself. I took a step back, connected to nature and others and returned renewed and motivated, with more self awareness and a feeling of sense and purpose. It boosted me, my business and my relationships so I wanted to create the same for others. I realised you didn't have to go far away to do that, but find time out where you are in the now, change the surroundings slightly and give yourself time to reflect.

Sometimes in the midst of our busy lives we get stuck in habits, not sure how to change them and repeat our patterns over and over again until it gets so bad, life forces us to do something about it.

Inspiring breaks was created for this transition period, to take a break, step outside your life, get another perspective and go home remotivated with new ideas & solutions. I wanted to offer people a different light hearted approach to learn about oneself, spirituality and the world. A way to greater wealth, greater health and greater abundance. Inspiration comes from 'In Spirit', with the inner spirit, inner knowing and inner wisdom as our guide to remember to love who we are, to do what we love and love what we do. The purpose of life is to connect with your spirit and find your Joy and then go out into the world and share that with others



My Qualifications

I trained from 2008 over 5 years to become a Certified Excellence & Intuitive Coach and Facilitator to also offer training for Coaches. I studied in France at the no.1 school for coaching and Intuition, Lunion Formation,, and since have given workshops and group facilitation as well as creating and designing retreats and one to one coaching throughout Europe and Australia. I also have 3 years training in a body mind method up to certified train the trainors in a method called the 3C - concentration, calm and control. It offers techniques intellectual, emotional and physical well-being, for adults and children, including breathing, mindfulness and relaxation techniques. A recognised method in schools with the national education curriculum in Martinique, also practiced in France, Brasil and Morrocco ( I have worked with both young adults, children and parents in schools and private groups to facilitate workshops. Please see my linked in account for more details. I am available to work in French, English and Italian.


How it started? I believe we all grow up with an innate confidence, and slowly as we grow it disappears. It gets lost as we begin listening to the ideas of others on who we are. When I started secondary school I remember the teacher saying to me "I hope that you are going to be like your sister", a serious and brilliant student. At that moment I felt rejected, undervalued and misjudged. I think I spent a long time believing I couldn't be me and trying to be someone that everyone else wanted me to be, forgetting about my feelings, emotions, needs and desires. I had to conform to their ideal. I was glad to leave school and not knowing what to do I followed in my dads footsteps and became a tour Guide travelling all over Europe at the young age of 19. I was helping others enjoy themselves. I felt confident and learnt to cover up my fears and doubts. However I felt guilty enjoying myself when others were working hard and began to think that I needed to get serious and settle into a career, so I stopped. I thought life was about that and I should be like everyone else.

I worked for a while and did well but the call of freedom got me and I went off to france to open my own little cafe and juice bar by the beach, my dream. As a young woman entrepreneur, I was confident and enthusiastic, but highly sensitive and it started well, but it became stressful and full on. I had big dreams to expand but I began to struggle through business not understanding my emotions and how it effected my results, criticising myself, trying to do it alone, not knowing what it was all about, making mistakes and not realising my own talents, gifts & traits.

I had the wrong ideas about success and what I could achieve. I lost what was important to me including my confidence, joy, my focus & my relationship, striving for money, comparing myself to others, trying to please them and work out what was wrong with me to fix it, instead of what was right and readjusting....I almost gave up, but instead decided to go on an inner journey and found the courage and resilience to keep going. I realised that I didn't have a true foundation for confidence it was only on the exteriour. So I began to study confidence, what true confidence is all about and create the foundations, retrain my brain and develop tools to survive through the ups and downs of business, emotions, relationships and what being highly sensitive is all about.


Having learnt from my mistakes, I realised it was about creating a new vision for myself, with ways to stop the inner critic, the excuses why I couldn't do what I love, let go of the limits I put on myself and stop telling myself I'm not good enough or listen to others opinions of why I 'shouldn't'.

I took a step back from life to look from the outside in and find a way to listen to myself and my intuition and what I enjoy and how to make a career from it.

I retrained as an Excellence & Intuitive Coach and a 3c facilitator. Now with 15 years experience internationally and a whole bunch of business and personal experiences I formed Inspiring Breaks and the Joy concept to inspire others to develop their dreams , through steps and a process to stay confident, structured and focused so as not to give up and grow and expand consistently.

I used to be a guide taking people to explore beautiful places along the way, I now support people on another journey to explore their beautiful self, create their foundations and find their inner beauty to create the outer world to match.

Come on a journey to explore your beautiful self

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