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Hi Joyful Spirits, I’m Ersilia the founder and creator of Take Joy Seriously & the S.H.I.T method. A professionally certified Excellence & Intiutive Coach & facilitator who has worked on an International basis for the last 15 years, both with entrepreneurs, founders, schools, groups and small businesses.

Have you ever had a dream or idea and thought one day!!! Well this is my one day….. the dream that became real. I find that in life and even business and relationships the missing link to success is emotional awareness, and more of you, the key to a successful life, relationship or business, understanding ourselves so we can get further and do better. Understanding our purpose and why we do what we do. There are a lot of rational and logical ideas to help us, but not many solutions to understand how we feel, that effects our results, learn how we function to boost our motivation or deal with stress. I want to shake up your ideas about how to create a life, business project or relationship that is inspiring, create new perspectives for success and do it with more fun and joy. I want you to see things through another angle of vision

Who am I

A visionary, a motivator, an insatiably curious individual that loves exploring. A sensitive creative soul that feels deeply. An innovative creator that has developed a bunch of tools to stay confident, assertive and empowered through the challenges and ups and downs of life

What I do – my passion

I hep people find their passion, inner power and purpose for what they do. My Passion is Creating, Innovation and people, researching and learning, learning about the human self and others. You will find me in a book or looking up the latest theories about the human being!!! I love to pass on that knowledge and create& design programs that help people evolve and grow

Life coaching

Why – my purpose

Motivation comes from purpose. I do what I do because I see people stuck in situations they are ‘putting up with” not knowing how to move forward, or to connect to themselves and others and find their strength to keep going. I want to show them joy is possible, that they can turn it around by showing there is a different way that boosts and inspires and creates so much more satisfaction.

Creating passion, power and purpose

What’s my Story!

For the past 7 years I have been on a journey to discover what life feels like from the inside out. I grew up in the UK always feeling a bit different, born in Australia to an Italian father and english mother. I never felt I fitted in, especially when my teachers at school said I hope you are going to be like your sister…….the moment I thought I had to be like everyone else… I consistently tried….and then tried to work out what was wrong with me when it wasn’t working, pushing shit uphill – it never worked!!.

Exploration, and experimentation!

It didn’t stop me exploring though, I spent the first half of my life in the travel business, having fun working as a tour guide and creating amazing experiences and holidays. However I felt guilty for having fun and making money enjoying myself, I thought I needed to be serious and get a career like everyone else, thinking that was stability, so I stopped. I tried the 9-5 and changed many times trying to find what I loved, experimenting. I was told that was wrong, that I never stuck to anything, I realised later that that is how you find your passions and why I am so good at what I do!!


However 9-5 didn’t cut it, I always felt there was something missing. So with an insatiable curiosity I went off to explore myself and the world and find more freedom. I ended up in France opening my own little cafe and juice bar, a childhood dream by the sea. The dream went well for a while, but came tumbling down as I got stressed made mistakes, lost a relationship, and lost my purpose and creativity. I had the wrong ideas about success and how life “should’ be, what a relationship ‘should’ be, how my business ‘should’ run, who I was, still trying to be like everyone else and doing it alone. I almost gave up…. but I am resilient and courageous, something my dad taught me… and I decided to retrain as a Coach…..and learn about my emotions, the support I needed.


I got lost a few times, struggling to get my business going, not understanding my why and still listening to everyone else, until finally I had enough and turned myself inwards to connect. Finally giving up on listening to others, to get rid of the ‘shoulds’ and everyone elses “shit” as I call it….. and taught myself a new way, to connect to the real S.H.I.T, listening to what my soul, heart, intuition and truth wanted. (I remember the day I said to my boyfriend, I must be a shit coach I am not getting anywhere…..He said yes your are a “S.H.I.T” COACH, full of Soul, Heart, Intution and Truth and from there the method was born). I learnt instead that I am a sensitive empath that has great intuitive talents and is an amazing networker and booster, instead of feeling wrong for who I was. I found through coaching the support I needed to bring it out, to believe in myself and my gifts of boosting peoples energy, and motivating them to bring them joy. It’s a myth that we can do it alone…..even the most successful people had support along the way….


Along the way I put together many tools to help myself get through those challenges of life and I now use that energy in my business to teach others to learn how connecting to the real S.H.I.T is what its all about. My objective is to give them the S.H.I.T.S the last S is for Satisfaction. It might be hard but it’s worth it…..work is never hard work when you enjoying yourself!!

The truth is you can earn money from doing what you love and make it successful, its just about finding a process, some strategies and focus…

Learn more about my method and how it can help you create better opportunities, more strength, material success and a mindset to succeed.

My QUALIFICATIONS: 5 year certified Professional Excellence & Intuitive Coach and facilitator for training coaches, (Lunion Formation, www.coachintuition.com the number one school in France for Coaching & intuition). With a strong background in tourism, customer service industries and working to develop businesses I have worked with founders to create new and improved solutions for their projects. I also have 3 years training in a body mind method up to certified train the trainors. This is a method called the 3C, for concentration, calm and control which offers techniques for mindfulness, relaxation and intellectual, emotional and physical well-being, a recognised method in schools and with the national education curriculum in Martinique, also in France, Brasil and Morrocco (www.methode3C.com). Please see my linked in account for more details. I have also worked Internationally creating workshops and retreats in the UK, France, Holland and Australia both in French and English.

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