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Ersilia Tarantino –

Excellence & Intuitive Coach, Facilitator

Emotional & Intuitive Intelligence for your business, Relationships & Projects

Are you getting the results you want?

in your business life or relationships

Clarity & Vision

Calm the mind, create focus, develop your ideas or embrace challenge to transition to something new. I support you to create a plan, a process, or products & packages

Confident Relationships

Communicate with ease. Increase opportunities, network effectively, create engagement, tap into your creative & expressive potential, connect & collaborate

Embracing challenge through transition

More Wellbeing

Boost your motivation, create better experiences , attract what you need and release stress to be more active and productive, boosting yourself & your income

About Ersilia

With 15 years experience in creating feel good experiences & working in the travel, wellbeing & hospitality industry I specialise in developing & designing solutions with you to overcome obstacles& challenges, programs & products to achieve your dreams and desires, finding your passion and purpose to do more of what you love.

A Certified Excellence & intuitive coach I help you to see what works & what doesn’t. People that work with me find the results they gain are increased abundance and opportunities, allowing them to turn their dreams & aspirations into reality to find more wealth inside and out.

Cultivate your Joy

Australian born & European bred…I was bought up in the tourism & hospitality industry from a young age & became a tour guide leading large groups at 19. I have also spent time in sales, marketing, customer services & development of businesses to improve systems that create better results. As a qualified Emotional Awareness trainer I have a myriad of tools to support you to develop and find inspired solutions.

My Services

Creating Calm thoughts, Confident Emotions & Inspired Actions to succeed

One to One Consulting or Excellence Coaching

I offer tailor made programs to suit your specific needs, requirements, projects or relationship issues. From 2 hours to 4/6/8 week programs or intensive one or 2 day consulting. Gaining deep clarity, confidence and calm to translate your ideas and desires into a process that works for you. Contact me today to see how I can help transform your ideas and find what you need.

Group Facilitation

Need some guidance, clarity or out of the box thinking for your team or group. Generate ideas or a plan. Want to learn more about how emotional awareness & intuitive intelligence can help boost your ideas. Perhaps you would like to create more connection, learn techniques for calm, stress or boost your motivation, focus and engagement. Lets discuss your needs. I work with schools, teams, charities or businesses. Contact me today to get started. tEL: +61 497 062902

My Services

I work with individuals, groups, entrepreneurs, schools and businesses


Emotional Awareness For schools & Teachers to improve results, wellbeing & decrease agitation in class

Become a Certified Intuitive Coach to add some powerful tools to your coaching techniques for long lasting transformation

Emotional & Intuitive intelligence courses for business to create connection & collaboration

“Perseverance, secret of all triumphs” -Victor Hugo

Book me for Public Speaking or Retreats

What is Intuitive & Emotional Intelligence

Take a new approach to networking

Create amazing customer experiences

Developing confidence & joy at Work

Creating a positive mindset with emotional & Intuitive Intelligence – Train your brain


Public Speaking

Creating Feel Good Experiences

Get your S.H.I.T together

16th November 2019

Discover your Joyful Spirit

16th November 2019

The Joy of Writing

3rd November 2019

Ersilia Tarantino
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