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Would you like some support to just have a bit of down time, balance life, work, children and find time for your passions. Do you feel guilty for wanting that time out? Kids come first right! but your exhausted and its causing conflict for you or them? Whatever you do doesn't seem to help. Or perhaps you are a solo mum or dad that is worried that your children have been effected by divorce, a transition time, language barriers, are not performing at their best or highly sensitive, shy or angry and agitated all the time?

Sometimes its hard to know how to be the right example for your children and putting yourself first seems wrong, you feel guilty. Guilt doesn't help anyone. We often give up our needs for our kids stay in unhappy situations longer then we 'should' because soceity teaches us that it's seen as the right thing to do, but instead you remain unhappy, it creates inner conflict and that effects your relationships, perhaps your work. All you want is the best for your children right? What are you really teaching them? how to feel guilty to do the same and sacrifice their own needs for others.

Let me teach you how investing in you can help your children. Instead of being exhausted you'll learn the keys to know how to deal with emotional triggers when your children demonstrate behaviour that you don’t understand such as agitation, lack of concentration, outbursts, anger or maybe sensitivity, shyness or are reserved. It is especially supportive if you are a lone parent. It will help you to feel good again, know how to express yourself and deal with any lack of self confidence.

I work with you and your child through an evaluation, observation process and a method that gives you both practical and effective take home tools that support you to:

  • create more self awareness about what you need.
  • know how to say no in a compassionate way, know your boundaries, communicate them in a more effective manner, allow emotional support for you both and the right attention.
  • be assertive to get your needs met and feel more confident in yourself

Your children learn tools:

  • to use on their own on a daily basis to self manage their inner world, their thoughts or emotions
  • create better more positive attitudes or accept how they feel
  • regulate their physical or verbal reactions, anger, outbursts, sadness or other.
  • feel more self confident

It helps you both to develop more calm, better relationships, self confidence and self awareness. Creating less conflict and more wellbeing. It is done in a fun and gentle way through discussions, exercises and play.

Mastery for Children includes - Mindfulness - Motivation - Movement

Mindfulness - For calm & attention at home or at school, to find a moment to pause, which creates less agitation from all the noise and distractions children deal with nowadays that stops them concentrating or even to hear themselves. 

Mastery - The aim is to deal with the emotional outbreaks, down times or master their tiredness, master body control and physical reactions helping boost relationships at home or school with easier communication

Motivation - Which comes from knowing themselves, why they do what they do. It offers increased confidence which boosts self esteem & motivation (also great for shy or introverted children) in turn making feeling good a way towards success, creativity and better results.

A mixture of breathing exercises, mindfulness, Concentration exercises, movement inspired from yoga, relaxation and for, physical Control. Calm, clarity, confidence

A Practical Solution for your children

You child will benefit as it allows them:

  • To feel happier and brighter. Develop a more positive attitude, motivation, manage their stress and control their reactions.
  • Have tools for their emotions, relax and alleviate tensions or frustrations.
  • Learn self respect and confidence in their relationships with others, become less agitated or aggressive
  • Learn to focus and bring more attention to what they do. Waste less energy and use it wisely
  • Freedom to be themselves with more self awareness and how to understand their thoughts or attitudes. Creating a growth mindset.
  • Learn how to communicate easier, learn and experiment by themselves
  • The capacity to grow into a well balanced individual and a larger capacity to adapt to their environment

Find out more on how I can work with you or book a class

The 3MC is a mind-body technique specifically adapted for children, to allow them time out to find their ressources and wellbeing to stay the happy joyful children they are. Based on positive life values and attitudes such as respect, tolerance and kindness. It offers strategies for a more positive mindset that creates better attitudes and behaviour. It can be practiced in schools in groups or at home on an individual basis, at intervals during the day, in the classroom or in a group class from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the age of the children. Making it an effective easy solution to save time.

Group Classes currently running : Geraldton every Wednesday, Railway Hub 4pm-5pm

Would you like a bit of me time, but at the same time feel guilty taking time away from your children. What if you could give them space and take yours too? Create a moment of calm for them and for you. They will learn tools to deal with their ups and downs and you will find more peace and harmony at home.

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For Schools - Bringing more Joy & collaboration

Supporting staff to obtain better outcomes and engage students is sometimes a challenging task. How to raise self esteem in class, deal with the special children, and give time and attention to each one of them to boost their results. The M3C provides simple easy strategies to support staff to create day to day ease daily in the classroom. It sets teachers up to succeed or give students time out. The results we have achieved in France, Morrocco, Martinique are incredible and the method has now been added to the school curriculum in Martinique. Call for more details

For Parents & Children

The method M3C can be practiced together with your child to connect and relax together and understand how to help your child cope. I offer Child/Parent workshops or individual or group sessions. Please contact me to discuss your needs.

Training for Teachers , parents, counsellors or wellbeing workers - 2 day weekend workshops

Do you find your are spending more time trying to control the children then teaching them? So many children, so many emotions, so many ideas.... learn about emotional intelligence, strategies to bring more calm to the classroom increase concentration levels and motivation. You'll feel better able to deal with the challenges of the classroom and joy will return. Ages 4-18

Start here with one of our exercises for daily focus:

Children are not a well to be filled, they are a light to be illuminated

Creating happy joyful children that succeed long term

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