The Joy of Money 2 Day Wellness Weekend

Are you ready to make a change in your ideas about money?

be inspired, be transformed, be enlightened

Healthy nutritious food

Take the first step to grow more wealth & Prosperity

in your business & life

7, 8, 9th September 2019, Geraldton Western Australia

18,19,20th 2019 October, Fremantle, WA

17,18,19th January 2020 Geraldton, WA


The Joy of money

Are you a creator, passionate, coach or healer sick of struggling to expand and make a difference or more impact? Join us and learn how to create a Calm, Confident & successful Money Mindset to boost your income & create value in your life and business to earn well from doing what you love

Frequently in life money creates stress more then it does joy. The perceived lack holding us back from doing what we love. It can be a source of consistent conflict in our lives or business commonly effecting our relationships, our wellbeing and the results we want to achieve. It is frustrating when you know you have something to offer the world but you continue to struggle to make ends meet and find you are making no impact. You don’t know how to transition from that job to working freely in what you love & get paid what your worth. Or you have and finding the money and clients inconsistent, like its all or nothing. You do what you can to meet these challenges, trying, but it never seems to be enough. Are you ready to change that? How then would you feel if you had the tools and strategies to turn things around and feel empowered to deal confidently with money and increase your income, create more abundance? and maybe even get rid of those limiting thoughts and stresses that seem to be holding you back. To finally start believing its possible to create the life & business you dreamed of.

This weekend of wellness has been designed for you to do just that and stop, pause, retreat and learn how to let money flow easier into your life. It offers you practical tools to take control of your financial independence & freedom, to reconsider what role you choose for money to have in your life and feel more confident everyday in your choices. We have a look at the emotions, and the energy it has created and how to change your perspectives of what’s possible. You will learn how to reconcile the lack, match the spiritual with the material or to turn your ideas into abundance and earn well from doing what you love. It increases your ability to have more impact and take your work or business to the next level and be supported. You will feel undeniable confident in what you have to offer and the courage to ask what your worth.

You ”ll walk away from this experience feeling empowered, enriched & supported to create the life you desire


With an honest assessment you explore your relationship & mindset with money, where you are and where you want to be, it gives you a clear feeling that you can take control of your financial journey. It teaches you the strategies to get there with self care.


Instead of feeling consistently stressed you will understand how to connect and feel guided to make better more enlightened choices. Immediately increasing your income to do what you love and realise what is achievable in your life & business with or without money.


Confusion gives way to joy when you identify how to change your reactions and release anything that no longer serves you – fears, limits. Immediately increasing your wellbeing that gives you a wealth prosperity map to keep going and attract what you need and do it effectively with clarity.

You don’t need money to make you happy but you can use money to increase your joy.

Our groups are small an intimate so we can concentrate on supporting each member at a deeper and more sustainable level to make breakthroughs possible

What’s Included:

• Property in spectacular surrounds for private use of the group only, cosiness & comfort

• Delicious & Nutritious healthy lunches that heal from the inside out

• Full time professionally qualified facilitators for your peace of mind

  • Small intimate group of only 8 to connect on a safe and deep level

• Specifically designed Meditation Sessions/Wake up sessions & Yoga

  • Mindful walk
  • Expressive dance & comedy session

• Pre consultation call to start the journey

  • Personalised Money Biology Map – begin to understand your beliefs about money

• documents, & Materials for workshops 

• Personal guidance if desired

  • Follow up group call
  • transport to workshops if needed from the airport or local area

An awesome experience

“The workshop lived up to my expectations and helped me clarify many things. There was a very good atmosphere throughout the week and the food was amazing! Thank you .”

Sabrina, France


Lisa Farnell

Money Coach & Financial Advisor

Ersilia Tarantino

Intuitive Coach & Mentor for Entrepreneurs


Spirit of Money

Increase your wealth prosperity mindset

Day 1 – Introduction, The journey begins

Money & Self Care | Group discussions

Get cosy and meet your facilitators. In comfortable and beautiful surroundings we get to know each other through a fun intuitive workshop. You will be guided to set your intentions for the weekend that follows and we discuss your money beliefs

Day 1- Redefining your Money Model for success

Emotions & Joy | The money Pot & Money Archetypes

We start by calming the mind & guiding you through a meditation to connect to your spirit of money. It teaches you how you see money and the relationship you have. The work continues by looking at your money mind map, where your are, what you desire, your reactions, identify important issues that may stop you getting what you want and how to change that.It can be intense but it’s worth it. We teach you tools to deal with the challenges and emotions it may stir up and turn things around.. After lunch we get creative add some comedy, time out & fun. Lunch included.

Day 2 – Let’s get practical, empowered & expressive

Body Wisdom | Evaluation, & Conclusion

Money related issues can bring up many things so this day is all about how to release those issues through some physical activities and experience the beautiful natural surrounds of Geraldton. We start with mindful walk and wake up session, learn take home tools to keep the energy going. The wildflowers in Geraldton are spectacular at this time of year and so we may get the chance to see some of the spectacular array. We discuss tools & strategies for money management and steps to implementing abundance. We get expressive through a a bit of dance to release all the emotions of the weekend and finish with a beautiful yoga session, that relaxes and releases.. Lunch Included. We also make our conclusions and evaluate your journey.

The Journey doesn’t finish here, we support you to keep going with a follow up group session


Add an extra day or accomdation

Stay and relax a bit longer. Let us pamper you – Choose a massage or a private VIP session with one of the facilitators to dive deeper and go home inspired. Let us organise some accommodation or give you options

We offer a discount for those that book at time of reservation
Fly in & Fly out

Not from Geraldton ask about our flight booking service or shared transport. We can organise your flights or put you in contact with other participants to share the costs of the journey.

Helping the carbon footprint

September in Geraldton is one of Western Australia’s most spectacular times of the year for the Wildflowers. Why not extend your stay and incorporate a trip to the heart of Wildflower Country, depot hill, Mullewa, Coalseam Park, the rare wreath flowers. Take your time to be reinspired with time out in Nature and make some memorable experiences. If its not the Wildflowers then how about a flight to the Abrolhos Islands, the hidden pearl of the West Coast. Let us take care of the details so that you can continue to relax and enjoy

Location & Accommodation

We choose small private and spectacular properties to inspire wellbeing in our weekends and create beauty from the inside out. This weekend takes place in Whitepeaks, Geraldton situated on the spectacular coral coast, Western Australia, 4 hours drive north of Perth or a 40min flight. With its mild climate, beautiful beaches and natural landscapes it inspires wellbeing, a place to rest, relax and rejuvenate. It honours healing and lifts the spirit, a beautiful hidden gem. Geraldton is famous for its kitesurfing, great snorkeling or the 22 islands of the Abrolhos with plenty of creative arts. Find out more about Geraldton at Come and find a new and fresh perspective during your stay here in WA.

Book some Accommodation –

We can help you choose from a variety of beautiful options to stay in small properties or hotels in the area. Tell us what you need and we can help you find it, from stays in beautiful wood and rammed earth homes, with gorgeous surrounds that help you to feel grounded and create true transformation to city hideaways and luxury hotels with inspiring views.


Email us on to book your weekend with your choice of payment options and we will send you more details, with a follow up call to confirm it all. Alternatively call us on 0497 062902 to discuss your needs.

Prices for all budgets

5 tips and tricks to get started in business with a small budget

Start your journey, invest a little, meet us, reboost your ideas & take step 1.

Join a small group of likeminded individuals, we keep it small and intimate so you get the best of your time.

Take part in a fun filled 2 days of workshops and activities only.

Price includes money workshops, facilitators, meditation, lunches, 1 yoga & 1 comedy workshop in beautiful surrounds of whitepeaks.

$228 per person
Please see below for our all inclusive options with accommodation or extras to indulge yourself
Name & email

We offer a payment plan over 2 or 3 times, call us to disucss your needs.

All Inclusive Weekend – Acommodation, meals, workshops

We suggest you really get away from it all and create Me time, take a real break to concentrate on your wellbeing with no interruption from kids, partners, work. This is a chance for you to take a breath of fresh air and go away reboosted, renewed & revived.

Based on private room:

From: $721
Add a Booster
Coaching Pack
Inspired business & life

This option allows you to continue to work with one of our facilitators and relax a bit longer in pure indulgence. A 2/3 hour booster session with lunch and a float & massage. Pure indulgence

Cost: $358

Please book at time of reservation to ensure we can meet your needs.

Add an experience

We know that sometimes you want to explore a little longer, take some time out. We have a variety of wonderful day tours, scenic flights, dining experiences, sunset aperos, 4WD dune rides or bike or boat tours. Take the opportunity to transform your ideas & perspectives and go home with a new mindset & motivation.

From: $180

Invest in yourself because you’re worth it – our clients find when they make the transformation the investment made returns quickly

Act Fast to reserve your Spot only


places left

When you are aligned in joy the money becomes a bonus

Tel: +61 497 062902


Can I stay extra nights?

Yes we have negotiated & organised special discount for you at various properties, or we can send you a list of peoperties to book yourself. . Please let us know in advance if you wish to book additional nights so that we can make sure you get what you need and secure your room. We also have options for tours & experiences to explore the region, please ask us for more details..

How do I get to the accommodation or workshop?

If you arriving in your own vehicle we will send you all the details with your final documents and confirmation a week before the weekend. If you need a transfer from the airport or Geraldton we can pick you up, please organise this in advance.

Do the meals cater for Vegan, Gluten free or allergies?

Yes we work with a company that creates healthy meals with ayurverdic properties and cater for your different requests. Please advise at time of booking your requirements.

Can I work privately with the Coaches or Facilitators?

We offer a number of options to work privately with the facilitators, either during the weekend or as an add on day. Please ask for our options and we will send you more details.

Which Airport should I fly to?

Geraldton is the nearest airport, flights from Perth direct take 40 mins with Qantas. If you need help booking anything else we work with a partner company to make the arrangements easy for you.

What do I need to bring ?

Just you and comfortable clothing, we take care of the rest including all journals and documents.

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