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Dates: 19, 20th October 2019 or

18,19th January 2020

Geraldton, WA


Have you had enough of your situation? Are you ready to to step into something new and be supported to do more of what you love or to follow your passion? whether it be starting or expanding your own business or project, the freedom to travel or do up the house,have new experiences


Is it the worry of making a mistake, not having the courage to take a risk, the challenge to support the transition period, the lack of confidence

to make the right decisions or is it

consistently investing in the wrong things and getting no return,

Inspiring Breaks, workshops & breaks

Frequently money creates stress more then it does joy. When you want to transition to something new it is often the perceived lack of it that stops you, holding you back from doing what you love,. It can be a source of consistent worry or conflict in our lives or business commonly effecting our relationships, our wellbeing and the results we want to achieve. It’s frustrating when you keep thinking there never seems to be enough to do what you love or it’s inconsistent, either all or nothing, or the kids come first!! The challenge is how to deal with the thoughts, the emotions and all the:

What if’s…..what if it doesn’t work, I make the wrong decision, invest and get no return, i’m too old…I make a mistake……blah blah blah…. What if instead you could feel comfortable with the courage to take on those challenges and change that?

This weekend of wellness has been designed for you to stop, pause, retreat and learn how to let money flow easier into your life to find support. It offers you practical tools to take control of your financial independence & freedom. Learn how to create more consistency, find creative solutions to let it support you to enjoy life with more passion & purpose, make an impact and create a difference in your life or that of others….. reconsider what role you choose for money to have in your life and feel more confident everyday in your choices.

So let’s get your S.H.I.T (soul, heart, intuition and truth) working for you and teach you how to stop worrying and start creating a Calm, Confident & a successful Money Mindset to boost your income & create value in your life, projects, business or relationships to earn well from doing what you love or to do more of what you love . .

You’ll walk away feeling empowered, enriched and enlightened

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What we do

In the beautiful natural surroundings of Geraldton, WA you will learn:
  • Get clear on the purpose for money in your life & the energy it creates to reconcile limits or lack
  • understand how to connect and feel guided to make better more enlightened choices, make the right investments to allow money to support you in a bigger greater way
  • raise your awareness of what’s achievable in your life & business with or without money, tap into your creativity to find better solutions
  • Find undeniable confidence in your value, your gifts and talents and how to monetise them
  • Express your needs clearly to create more support Learn how to attract what you need and do it effectively with clarity and consistency.
  • Feel more motivated & with energy to remain on top of your game
  • Understand how connecting the spiritual and the material, increases opportunities, shows you guidance and new ways to increase your abundance, to do more with less.

Learn how to let go of guilt and other emotions to move forward and receive in delicious and delightful ways to do transition to do more of what you love

What ‘s included

2 Days of connection, spirit, love and relaxation

All Meals

Healthy & Nutritious. Lunches and snacks included

Meditation and Relaxation Geraldton
All Workshops over 2 days

Specifically designed Meditation, relaxation, expressive sessions, personalised biology money map

documents, materials

Facilitator for groups
Professionally Trained Facilitators

Experienced facilitators for your peace of mind and personal guidance if desired

Group Workshop facilitation and retreats

groups of


Personalised & Intimate

to connect on a safe

and deep level

Private Property

For use of the group,

cosiness & comfort

that inspires


Also included:

Personalised money

mind map. Follow

up one to one




For all Budgets

2 Day weekend only

As above, workshops & meals

$280 p.p

Accommodation and Weekend

2 Nights,All Meals, 2 day Weekend,

based on private room

From $654p.p

Add an extra day of VIP pampering

Join our facilitators for a private pampering day, one to one consultation, massage, float, lunch.

$358 add on

Location Geraldton

Geraldton is situated on the spectacular coral coast, Western Australia, 4 hours drive north of Perth or a 40min flight. With its mild climate, beautiful beaches and natural landscapes it inspires wellbeing, a place to rest, relax and rejuvenate. It honours healing and lifts the spirit, a beautiful hidden gem. Geraldton is famous for its kitesurfing, great snorkeling or the 22 islands of the Abrolhos with plenty of creative arts. Find out more about Geraldton at www.visitgeraldton.com.au. Come and find a fresh new perspective during your stay here in WA.


Email us on hello@inspiringbreaks.com to book your weekend with your choice of payment options and we will send you more details, with a follow up call to confirm it all. Alternatively call us on 0497 062902 to discuss your needs or book and pay below.

Name & email

Lisa Farnell

Money Coach & Financial Advisor

Ersilia Tarantino

Professional Excellence & Intuitive Coach

Meet your Facilitators

Spirit of Money

You will walk away from this experience feeling empowered, enriched and supported.

You don’t need money to make you happy, but you can use money to bring you joy


0497 062902 hello@inspiringbreaks.com