The Power of Support to lift your life to the next level

Are you struggling alone in your little corner, wondering why things are not working or trying to boost your business ? Do you have the idea that if you want something done, it’s best to do it yourself! One of the ways we sabotage ourselves is by sitting in our heads trying to work things out alone when an injection of support by sharing to see new perspectives is often the way to get unstuck.

Transition moments can be some of the most difficult times in our lives the ‘in the meantime’ place, the place before we get where we want to be and after leaving what we no wanted or no longer serves us. At times those transition times may not have been our choice, something we weren’t ready for, like being made redundant or a partner leaving us. Sometimes it is a choice, like starting a business alone but it can still be hard. New things take time, however with support you can get their faster.

I recently moved from France to Australia and at the same time I am self employed meaning double whammy in starting all over again in a new place. I also didn’t realise how remote some places are in Australia. One of the mistakes I made in France was not acknowledging how much others could offer and assist my growth, thinking that I could do it alone and feeling weak if I asked for help. Australia has taught me how to let go of that belief and learn to receive. Acknowledge the wonderful network of people that have been supporting me both personally and professionally. With support I have achieved the same in 2 years as I did in 5 years in France. Australia being another culture and way of living I had to let go of thinking it would work the same as France . Learn to do the same same but different, mistakes I made when moving from England to France.

Allow yourself to receive in delicious and delightful ways. Trust you can be guided

Transitioning to something new can really knock your confidence, even if you are not a newby in your industry, or even if you have done it before. Its about being prepared to fit in to being the one that doesn’t belong, or at least it felt like that for me. You are changing habits and moving out of what you know, your comfort zone . The biggest thing that helped me out was finding a support network. Often when I am stuck, blocked or struggling alone its time to put my ego in check and ask for help to gain a new perspective. I never realised how important it is to know how to receive, and receive help. It seems not knowing how to receive can effect so many areas of your life, receiving money, love, new relationships, opportunities. I used to think that I could work it out myself and asking for help was a weakness, so I often rejected it. I thought that successful people were successful because they made it to the top themselves. What crap!! If you take a look, which I obviously did to break those myths people like Mohammed Ali, Martin Luther king, Nelson Mandela, and of course all those amazing sports people had a mentor, coach, or an amazing network of people around them to boost them up and to keep going or a wonderful support person by their side.

There is strength in numbers and strength in help. It can be lonely when beginning new things, however exciting it first feels.  Being strong is only weak when you are trying to be strong on your own. I acknowledge I built a wonderful network of friends in France but I didn’t often share my struggles so that they could support me.

Support for your business. One of the best ways I found for myself in my business to gain that new perspective was to join a local coworking space or networking group. One of the reasons I did well in France was the wonderful business network it took me years to build.As a solo entrepreneur we can often feel isolated, working from home with no boss or colleagues as in a job, to be recognised or told you are doing well. Your family can help, however they don’t always know how. I highly recommend coworking as a way to get recognition, advance or promote yourself and grow your business.  I was lucky to find one in my new small hometown of Geraldton, Pollinators, City Hive, and obtain funding to get started. So great for regional businesses. It is also a great way to make friends and get involved n the life of the community and meet likeminded people. A simple concept that can play a key role as a budding entrepreneur to inspire you to keep going and even if you are not in business you can often be a member and support whats going on.

Figures show 40% of the workforce will be freelancers, contractors or solo entrepreneurs by 2020.

There is vulnerability in asking for help, you have to be willing to put your pride aside and to share what is going on, to be willing and open that you are not the only one that has solutions and that people may have been there, done it before and have some exceptional expert advice to give you.

What are the first steps to being vulnerable:

speak up and express yourself, develop courage

get out of your head and into the world to share your thoughts

be willing to accept rejection and to reject, to say no to what doesn’t suit you.

learn by experimenting and not trying to get it perfect

be willing to say no when the support people offer you is not what you need

By sharing and asking it can boost your motivation, create opportunities and support you to find your confidence to evolve.  It creates collaboration instead of separation.

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things”. 

Mother Theresa

Support Networks: I had the privilege of obtaining some funding to join and become a member of a coworking space in Geraldton – City Hive – Pollinators. Can you believe the small metropolis of Geraldton 4 hours north of Perth with only 41,000 inhabitants has a coworking space. I was shocked when I tumbled across it exploring my new hometown. 

It’s the concept of unity that I love.  The joining together, to gather and create

Increase your wealth prosperity mindset

Moving from France to try my luck in this beautiful country, it has been a wonderful way to meet likeminded people. I have found that by joining this group I have achieved in 2 years what I did in 5 years in France and been able to coach some great businesses in Geraldton. The reason I have managed to achieve so much in so little time is the power of support, meeting people, that have allowed me to share my struggles and joy, boost my productivity and get input, advice and encouragement on the different stages in my business. It’s been a way of saving time and money. Australia is so vast and big it needs innovation in the small townships, and coworking is the link that supports and brings the people out of the woodwork, and so far it looks like they are doing a great job.    I then have other people to bounce my ideas off of and the locals that seem to encourage, help me thrive and are so kind. I have learnt so much since being with them on how to develop my business in a new place with what the locals need and not just what I think they want.

This quote from Mother Theresa says it all “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things”. Sometimes we can be too involved in our own thoughts not able to find the inspiration or objectivity to see what is or isn’t working in our own business, or lives, we can go round and round in circles trying to find an alternative perspective when instead other people have the ideas and solutions that you haven’t thought of. That’s part of the creative process connecting to others and learning how to ask for help.    It’s the diversity of ideas and mix of cultures and people that offer this.

There are support groups today for so many things, not just business. So why not change your thoughts about how you do things. Get out of your comfort zone, so you can begin to thrive instead of struggling alone? Get out and allow yourself to share with others, listen to hear their feedback, create more contacts, instead of giving up because you don’t know how to do it. It could just be the transformation you need, for yourself, in your relationships, for your business and for your mindset.

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